Orlando Travel Guide For Solo Women Traveler

Orlando is a city of the Orange County in Florida and the entire city has been imaged as a land of theme parks and resorts that get tourism flourish in the city. It has millions of tourist every year and the entire province has been shaped to fit in the needs of tourist, especially solo women travellers. According to me, Orlando has something great hidden for us more than its theme parks, its plain landscape and country planning in awesome.

Best time to reach Orlando:

The weather here matter a lot for tourists to flock the zone. I preferred travelling in June-August as the summer months could be exceptionally busy here, as kids have their vacations. Orlando travel could best be enjoyed in the off season, when the crowd is a little less.

Orlando City


Exploring the various spots is made easy with the Orlando Shuttle that operates sedan services right from the airport to the hotel residence of clients at a very nominal rate. The Gardens and parks in Orlando are awesome, the Arboretum at the University of Florida is a botanical garden spread across 80 acres of land with more than 80 species of plants, the Harry Leo Gardens has the best Landscape and lakes with exotic flowers and plants spread over 50 acres of land. There are museums and art centres, sure to grab our attention and to keep us occupies for hours. Theme parks in Orlando are worth not a miss in Orlando travel, and there are more than 8 such parks here to enjoy as a solo traveller. 


Shopping is one best thing to do in Orlando and there are few excellent malls here to occupy your entire day. These malls are popular among international tourist who wishes to shop on cheap American goods. The Florida mall and the mall at Millenia are great examples. 

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Restaurants and nightlife:

A lot of good restaurants could be found at citywalk, the food is good and affordable here. Other choice would be cafes and food outlets present at downtown Disney, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest cafĂ© etc., Nightlife in Orlando is focuses around the orange avenue and the central Boulevard. We could find many bars here along with dozens of cafes and pubs. 

Best Theme Parks in Orlando


There is hotel around every corner in Orlando. You will get best accommodations in Orlando according to your budget and requirement.There are hotel that best fit the travel needs of Solo women travellers. Whether it is a hotel or a 5 star accommodation, females could find the safest and comfortable beds here with lots of personal space. 

Safety tips for single women travellers:

Few regions in Orlando are quite dangerous for single women travelers such as the Orange Blossom Trail, the Parramore district and the Pine Hills. Prostitution is not legal here, and therefore sex and drug related crimes are common in Orlando. 

It is good for solo women travelers in Orlando to refrain from entering into deserted roads at late hours to avoid are picked up as targets for crime and assault. The common crimes that happen here are theft from hotels and cars and therefore few travel precautions needs to be exerted here. It is also good for women not proficient in swimming to enter the swimming pools, as most of them here have no guards.
Hotel invasions are common, and therefore it is good to lock the doors behind you every time. Nevertheless, Orlando is a paradise for travelers and is definitely worth a visit. To know more details on Orlando travel, visit joguru.com.

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