7 Best Tourist Spots In Macau

Macau is a special administrative region of China and is located on the Pearl River. This is one of world’s densely populated areas and is known as a largest spot for gambling in entire Asia. 

Things to do in Macau:

Macau has great scope for an excellent nigh life and the grand casinos, night clubs and the atmosphere of the colonial past, makes the province to emerge as a major tourist center in entire Asia. Buildings that stand against the giant background of green hills, this island located 60 km form Hong Kong offers an excellent blend of architectural patterns against natural landscape.

Macau places to visit retain their history and colonial heritage still and let us discuss about traveling some important attractions here. 

Major tourist spots in Macau:

1.      Senado square:
The Senado square stands as a witness for the entire history of Macau and is an excellent gate way into the western countries of China in the past. Every corner of the square has remnants of excellent buildings of European style. The Church of St. Dominic and the holy house of mercy are the must places tosee in Macau. Amidst these age old buildings, there are many shops and restaurants to keep visitors retreated. We were able to grab few excellent snaps of the city during our visit here. But I wish to remind you of an umbrella or sun glasses during summer.

Senado Square

2.      Ruins of St. Paul:
The St. Paul building was formed in the year 1602 and encountered fire in the year 1835, leaving the front portion of the building alone, intact. This place is one of the icons of Macau and there are events and performances here with no entry fee.

Ruins of St. Paul
3.      Macau tower:
Macau Tower
The Macau sky tower has an average height of 338 meters from sea level and is renowned for its observation desk for an exciting Macau sightseeing. There are restaurants, shopping complexes, theatres inside the tower to occupy guests.

4.      Guan Yin Statue:
This 20 feet tall statue made of bronze is found between casino and the MGM grand hotel and has a shape like a lotus bud. The statue resembles the Virgin Mary statue and was designed by a Portuguese artist, Christina Rocha. This is located on an artificial island, connected by a passage with the main island. 

5.      Casino building:
This was a former Portuguese colony and is a best place to see in Macau for its interior designing and architecture, next only to playing casino. There are many exciting games in this casino along with great food for tourists to have double fun.
Casino Building

6.      Kun Lam Temple:
This is the largest temple here that was built about four hundred years before. It was built in a three courtyard architectural pattern and has statues of all the disciples of Buddha. People come here to burn incense and pray to Lord Buddha every year. 
Kun Lam Temple

7.      Maritime museum:

The maritime museum is one of the must Macau places to visit, as it has an aquarium, tea café, exhibition hall and a library with many journals and books. For people interested in the maritime history of Macau and for those of us who wish to explore the ancient ship construction methods in China, this museum best helps.

Macau is a place of great architecture blending in perfect tone with its history, worth exploring for a holiday, to base your holiday in Macau, visit joguru.com.

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